This legal agreement between you and Tick 7 Limited governs your use of the product, software, services, and websites collectively referred to as the “Application” as supplied under the Business Backbone brand. It is important that you read and understand the following terms. By clicking “AGREE” you are agreeing that these terms will apply if you choose to access or use the Application.

Tick 7 Limited is the provider of the Application which permits you to utilise certain internet services, including storing your data content and making that data accessible on your compatible devices and computers under the terms and conditions as out in this Agreement.

Upon activation of an account (trial or otherwise) you confirm that you agree to be bound by this Agreement.

Users of the services offered by this Application acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the contract.

Owner of the Application and related Services

Tick 7 Limited, 32 West Ella Way, Kirk Ella, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU10 7LW

Application : DiGA (Data Intelligence Gathering for All)

Description :   A data aggregation service giving users access their cloud data via the use of developed and 3rd party tools, reporting or otherwise.

Content provided by the User

Users are responsible for their own content and that of third parties that they share through the Application or which they upload and post on the Application, or transfer by any other means, undertaking to relieve the Owner of the Application of any liability or claim arising against said Owner of the Application in connection with the illegal distribution of third party content or use of the service in infringement of the law.

Users consent to secure remote access by the Application to retrieve data from a given source is an inherent part of the ongoing use of the Application.

Rights over content provided by Users

The only rights granted to the Owner in relation to content that Users provide are those necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Application itself.

At no time shall the Owner distribute, share or knowingly provide access to your content other than through your own login and password.

Content provided by third parties

The Owner is not responsible or liable for any content and/or links provided by third parties shown therein, as well as for their availability, and performs no prior monitoring.

Services provided by third parties

Users may use third party services or content included in the Application and must be aware of these third parties’ terms and conditions and have given consent to them. Under no circumstances shall the Owner be deemed liable in relation to the proper functionality and/or availability of such third parties services.